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Fashion industry

NK Fashion

Automatisierte Marketingkampagnen mit Mateo = Effiziente Kundenbindung im Modehandel
Fashion industry

Modehaus Kaenders

Effizientes Marketing: 10 automatisierte Mateo-Kampagnen arbeiten wie ein zusätzlicher Marketingmitarbeiter im Hintergrund.
Messen und Events


Deutschlands größte studentisch oragnisierte Startup Messe nutzt Mateo, um effektiv mit Besuchern zu kommunizieren und ein moderens Besuchererlebnis zu bieten.

MHK Group AG

B2B-Newsletter auf WhatsApp zur Umsatzsteigerung

Böhm Hörakustik

WhatsApp in der Hörakustik: Besseres Kundenerlebnis und schnellere Bearbeitung von Kundenanfragen über den Messenger.
Healthcare sector


Mateo und Amparex für eine automatisierte Kundenreise.
Messen und Events

ILM - Messe Offenbach

Herausragendes Besuchererlebnis auf der ILM Offenbach durch WhatsApp Kommunikation!
Messen und Events

START Global

Nahtlose Messekommunikation via WhatsApp auf der START Summit!
Fashion industry

Fashion Heppel

Partially short sold on the first day: Thanks to highly effective WhatsApp newsletter campaign!

Perfume Group

Personal newsletter for the beauty segment with WhatsApp!

Building Materials Market Group

WhatsApp Newsletter for 40+ locations for Baustoffmarkt Group!

Furniture Wanninger

Send furniture brochures to customers via WhatsApp - without the usual wastage!

Trommelschläger Objekteinrichtungen

Einfache B2B-Kommunikation und WhatsApp Newsletter mit Gastronomen.
Fashion industry

Mühlhaus fashion house

WhatsApp as a communication tool for a direct and personal customer approach.
Fashion industry

Ebbers fashion house

Ebbers fashion house relies on omnichannel communication with its customers.

Beds Trend

Less work and better customer communication via WhatsApp and other retail messengers.

Hotel FederWERK

Target group-specific newsletters without wastage and better accessibility via Messenger for the hotel industry.


WhatsApp communication in the craft business: The smart way to qualified customer exchange
Fashion industry

Shoe store Fischer

To ensure its customers the best clearance sale offers, Schuhhaus Fischer sends WhatsApp newsletters with Mateo. In addition, premium customers receive exclusive news directly to their cell phones.
Fashion industry

Stulz fashion

Stulz Mode maximizes reach with Mateo: How the WhatsApp newsletter leads to a successful live shopping event and strengthens customer loyalty
Fashion industry

Fashion house Schröder

Modehaus Schröder - By centralizing all communication channels using MATEO, Mode Schröder optimizes its internal and external communication processes and improves the customer experience.

MRS Capital Ventures GmbH

Mit Mateo als Partnersoftware WhatsApp Marketing als Dienstleistung anbieten.

siimple GmbH

With Whatsapp as a marketing channel directly on the "ravages of time".
Healthcare sector

City pharmacy Dissen

Modern communication without risks or side effects: Using WhatsApp in the pharmacy in compliance with the GDPR.
Healthcare sector

Osnabrück Castle Pharmacy

Better customer service and simplified e-prescription receipt via WhatsApp!


Improve accessibility and customer communication thanks to WhatsApp!

Euronics XXL Lebach

Faster processing of service requests and increased customer satisfaction thanks to WhatsApp!
Healthcare sector


Better communication and scheduling


Simplified customer communication and higher customer satisfaction

Hen swimming pool

Attention craft businesses: With Messenger channels to higher sales with less effort
Healthcare sector

My tunic

My Kasack collects evaluations through Mateo. To meet customer needs in the healthcare sector, My Kasack is readily available outside of normal office hours with Mateo's support.
Car industry

Heinrich Wild GmbH

With Mateo communication software, Vehicle, Garage and Industrial Supplies Wild can now communicate with customers via WhatsApp, receive customer inquiries via the widget and manage reviews.
Healthcare sector

Veterinarian Dokos

For the love of animals: Dokos Veterinary Practice uses Mateo to provide customers with an easy way to contact them, automate appointment requests and enable smooth information flow in the practice.
Opticians and acousticians

Ophthalmic optics Rieckhof

The optician with innovative power - With the help of the SME software Mateo, Augenoptik Rieckhof can optimally manage several web stores and the stationary business.
Car industry

VW Rosenheim

Volkswagen Autohaus Rosenheim uses MATEO for privacy compliant lead generation & collecting Google reviews via WhatsApp & SMS.

Massage parlor Ming

Pure relaxation - Massage Salon Ming uses MATEO to collect more online reviews, attract more new customers and respond quickly to customer inquiries.
Real Estate

Hildebrandt & Hees

The property management company Hildebrandt & Hees uses MATEO to save several hours of communication effort & to communicate via WhatsApp in a data protection compliant manner.
Driving schools

Driving school Pascher

The number 1 driving school in Munich - Fahrschule Pascher uses MATEO for data protection compliant WhatsApp & SMS communication to bundle all communication channels and answer inquiries faster.

Concrete Coffee

Coffee that melts your heart - Concrete Coffee uses MATEO to collect more Google reviews, increase online sales and save several hours of labor.
Real Estate

HUS real estate agent

Fewer unproductive phone calls, no communication silos, and better service for the real estate industry.
Car industry

Car dealer Hertlein

The car dealership Hertlein uses MATEO for data protection compliant lead generation via WhatsApp & SMS. For the car dealership as well as for the in-house bicycle rental

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