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Mateoverse Podacst Episode 5 -

In Episode 5 unseres Mateoverse Podcasts reden Christian Strauch, Co-Founder und CEO von Mateo, und Daniel Niemann, Account-Manager bei DATEV darüber, wie Digitalisierung effektiv in Steuerkanzleien und für Wirtschaftsprüfer eingesetzt werden kann.

Mateoverse Podcast Episode 4 - Customer experience in a digital age

In Episode 4 of our Mateocast, Christian Strauch, Mateo Co-Founder and CEO, and Tim Holm, SAP VP of Sales and CX - Manufacturing & Automotive, talk about how customer experience can be optimized in today's digital age.

Mateoverse Podcast Episode 3 - The Importance of SAP for the Startup Ecosystem - with Jan Gutknecht

In Episode 3 of the Mateocast Podcast, Mateo Co-Founder Christian Strauch and Jan Gutknecht, Director SAP for Startups MEE talk about what SAP means to the startup ecosystem today. Christian and Jan share a common background at SAP, where they both worked in Sales. Listen in now and learn a lot!

Mateoverse Podcast Episode 2 - Successful digitization as a trade association - With Xaver Albrecht

In the second episode of the Mateoverse Podcast, Mateo co-founder Christian Strauch and Xaver Albrecht, CEO of the fashion trade association Unitex talk about successful digitization in the world of associations and the current developments, challenges and opportunities in local fashion retail.

Mateoverse Podcast Episode 1 - The future of local fashion retail - With Thomas Wartner from Stulz Mode

Welcome to episode 1 of the Mateoverse Podcast! Our guest in this episode is Thomas Wartner from Stulz Mode. Together with Mateo Co-Founder Christian Strauch he talks about the topic "The future of local fashion retail" and gives valuable insights into more than 20 years of concept store experience.