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A comparison of the providers:
Mateo vs. Intercom
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Status 08.11.2023
Mateo - software for medium-sized companies and Intercom - expensive solution for corporations in comparison.
Mateo Starter
from 79€ / month / annual payment
Intercom Starter
from 74€ / month / annual payment
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Additional employee
10€ per month
from 39€ per month
1,000 people per month
Made for:
Medium-sized companies
Larger companies & groups
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WhatsApp Newsletter
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Central Inbox
Employee assignment
Google reviews
API interface
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Google Business Chat
Facebook Messenger

Mateo - Customer communication and marketing for SMEs!

Mateo is a central communication and marketing software developed for medium-sized companies. With Mateo, it is possible to combine all communication channels in a central mailbox and make them accessible to multiple employees at any number of locations. Mateo also allows you to send effective WhatsApp and SMS newsletters to your existing customers. Mateo is Made in Germany and 100% GDPR-compliant. Thanks to our API interfaces, Mateo can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system landscape.

5 reasons why SMEs and Mateo are a good match

  1. Central inbox for all message channels.
  2. All messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or email are bundled in one place. From there, the entire team can process inquiries together. The customer experience can be further improved with the help of standardized message templates or preset autoresponders.
  3. Effective messenger marketing via newsletter.
  4. With Mateo, you can effectively reach your existing customers as a small or medium-sized company. Mateo allows you to send newsletters via WhatsApp or optionally also via SMS. The advantage: WhatsApp messages are read by up to 98% of recipients, 80% of them on the very first day. A WhatsApp newsletter gives your existing customer marketing superpowers!
  5. Request, answer and manage Google reviews
  6. Thanks to the integrated Google reviews, you can easily obtain new, positive Google reviews with Mateo Reputation Management. Conveniently request Google reviews from your satisfied customers. Mateo also protects you from negative reviews thanks to the integrated filter, should something go wrong.
  7. Customizable web chat for your website
  8. With the Mateo web chat on your website, you can get a little closer to your customers - even digitally. The web chat allows you to welcome customers personally on your homepage and offer them the preferred contact channel at any time. As a result, you receive up to 20% more customer inquiries via your website.
  9. Service that meets the needs of SMEs
  10. Top software is good - but people are better. That's our motto at Mateo. That's why we strive every day to provide our customers with first-class service - with a real person in charge. As a Mateo customer, you have a personal contact person with whom you can share technical questions and suggestions. We are always striving to improve and therefore look forward to receiving feedback from our customers.