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All messaging channels on your website

With webchat, your customers can reach you through all available channels. This way you make contact easier and more efficient.

Contact via messaging channels on the website

Chat with your customers

Build an interactive customer experience through the web widget and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Turn leads into customers

Website visitors can easily address topics via webchat. This is how you build trust and retain your customers.

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Offer your customers all the possibilities

Offer your customers all communication channels so that they can contact you easily.

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Create an outstanding experience

By communicating personally via Messenger, you create an outstanding customer experience.

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Customer communication via WhatsApp

Design an interactive experience

By communicating with customers via Messenger, you create a personal and trustworthy customer communication.

Real time chat
All channels
Stronger customer relationship
More customers

A webchat in your design

You can customize the webchat to your liking. Change the color, choose which channels you want to connect and formulate how you want to be greeted.

Simple integration
Customizable design
Texts customizable
Real time communication
Webchat in own design
Respond to customer inquiries from one software

Reply to messages in the team

All webchat messages end up in the MATEO Inbox. Your entire team can reply to these messages, structure them, add comments and add notes.

Collaboration in the team
Notes to messages
Structured Inbox
News history

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With Mateo, you provide your customers with an outstanding customer experience and gain loyal fans.

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How Mateo helps you

Here you can see a few features with which Mateo helps you in customer communication.

With these tools you can achieve even more

Multichannel Inbox

All messaging channels in one inbox: WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Facebook, Google, Instagram

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WhatsApp Newsletter

Reach your customers again with WhatsApp newsletter and stay out of spam.

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WhatsApp Business

Your whole team can communicate via WhatsApp 100% GDPR compliant

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Reduce the barrier of contact with web chat on the website

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With Mateo you can integrate into the software tools that you already use.

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Google Business Chat

Be available for your customers via Google Business Chat

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All departments

Specialist departments such as Sales, Service or HR work on Mateo.

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Manage ratings

Improve your rating by actively requesting ratings

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Contact management

Manage your contacts and enrich them with information

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