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WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto - Der vollständige Guide

WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto – Alle Informationen zu Einrichtung, Funktionen und Vorteilen von WhatsApp Business und WhatsApp API für Ihr Unternehmen
June 7, 2024
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WhatsApp wird von den meisten Nutzern hauptsächlich zur privaten Kommunikation mit Freunden und der Familie verwendet. Mit mehr als 2 Milliarden Nutzern ist WhatsApp weltweit der beliebteste Messenger. Das gilt auch für Deutschland, hierzulande nutzen über 60 Millionen Menschen den Messenger täglich (Quelle: Statista 2022). Gerade weil WhatsApp so beliebt bei Privatpersonen ist, eignet sich der Messenger ideal für Unternehmen. Die Erreichbarkeit über die Messaging Plattform, auf der sich der Kunde ohnehin aufhält, sorgt für eine besondere Nähe zum Kunden und somit zu nachweisbar stärkeren Vertriebszahlen und einem besseren Kundenservice. Unternehmen, die dieses Potenzial erkannt haben und nutzen möchten, bietet der WhatsApp Eigentümer Meta Platforms, Inc. (ehemals Facebook) seit einigen Jahren die Möglichkeit, ein WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto zu erstellen. Die Unternehmen haben die Wahl zwischen den Produkten WhatsApp Business und WhatsApp Business API. Welche Vorteile die Nutzung eines WhatsApp Unternehmenskontos zur Kundenkommunikation hat und was bei der Einrichtung eines Kontos und der Verwendung von WhatsApp Business und der WhatsApp Business API zu beachten ist, wird in diesem Artikel umfassend erläutert.

Was ist ein WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto?

„WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto“ ist im Prinzip ein Überbegriff für ein Konto in einer der beiden WhatsApp Lösungen „WhatsApp Business“ und „WhatsApp Business API“. Diese Produkte sind speziell auf die kommerzielle Nutzung zugeschnitten und bieten Unternehmen Zugang zu erweiterten Funktionen. Für Endbenutzer und Kunden ist ein WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto relativ leicht von einem privaten WhatsApp Account zu unterscheiden. Firmenkonten sind in ihrem WhatsApp Profil explizit als solche gekennzeichnet.

A WhatsApp business account offers various advantages for customers and businesses

For customers

Especially in comparison with e-mails, it becomes clear how practical communication via WhatsApp is for customers. The email inbox must be actively checked for a reply and communication is often very formal with salutations and capital letters. In contrast, using WhatsApp is already part of daily life and therefore the most convenient way to communicate with businesses. The average WhatsApp user opens the app more than 23 times a day anyway, so the additional effort for customers is minimal (source: textrequest.com).

Most corporate service departments take several days to process e-mails. In order to receive an answer on the same day, customers usually have to call the hotline. This procedure is downright hated by a large number of customers. Endless queues, voice harassment, agent-to-agent routing and additional charges make this form of communication an ordeal for customers. With WhatsApp, the so-called service window (more on this in the next chapter) encourages the company to respond within 24 hours. Avoiding service hotlines results in another major advantage for customers.

For companies

In an increasingly competitive market environment, companies must increasingly position themselves on the platforms where consumers already spend their time. The 2 billion global users result in an enormous reach and thus ultimately competitive advantages. Communication via WhatsApp can also be very flexible. In the case of acute problems, the exchange of messages with the customer takes place every second, similar to live chat, and in the case of less important or particularly complex inquiries, it is sufficient to respond after a few hours. In addition, the 98-percent open rate of WhatsApp messages, which, by the way, is significantly higher than that of e-mails with about 20% (source: AiSensy.com), also results in significant advantages in the marketing area. It should be noted, however, that WhatsApp newsletters can only be sent in a GDPR-compliant manner via WhatsApp API. A WhatsApp corporate account also offers numerous functions for highly efficient message replying. More about this in the next chapters.

Einige Unternehmen dürfen kein WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto erstellen

Es mag viele gute Gründe geben, ein WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto zu erstellen. Doch vorab muss geprüft werden, ob dem jeweiligen Unternehmen die Nutzung von WhatsApp überhaupt gestattet ist. Alle Unternehmen, die WhatsApp Business nutzen, müssen die WhatsApp Commerce Policy einhalten. Laut der Handelsrichtlinie sind folgende Branchen und Dienstleistungen von der Nutzung sämtlicher WhatsApp Business Produkte ausgeschlossen:

  • Alcohol, tobacco products and accessories
  • Drugs and medication
  • Illegal products and services
  • Unsafe dietary supplements
  • Weapons, ammunition or explosives
  • uvm.

Accordingly, businesses must ensure that they are authorized under the Commerce Policy to create an account and use WhatsApp Business or the WhatsApp Business API that they can comply with the Terms of Service when using the messenger app.

Basic features and functions of the WhatsApp Business App

Eine Möglichkeit, ein WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto zu erstellen, ist mit der WhatsApp Business App. WhatsApp Business ist eine kostenlose, für Android und Apple Smartphones verfügbare App, die speziell für kleinere Unternehmen entwickelt wurde. WhatsApp Business vereinfacht die Interaktion mit Kunden, indem es Tools zum Automatisieren, Sortieren und zum schnellen Beantworten von Nachrichten bereitstellt. Die Benutzeroberfläche und viele Funktionen ähneln denen der WhatsApp Messenger App für Privatpersonen, sodass die Verwendung von WhatsApp Business den meisten Mitarbeitern sehr leicht fällt.

WhatsApp Business includes the following features:

  • Company profile to list important information, such as a company's address, email, and website.
  • Messaging tools to quickly respond to customer inquiries, such as text modules and automated responses
  • Categorize contacts of customers and chats (e.g. new customer, prospect, service request, etc.) for better clarity
  • Automated responses to customers (e.g. welcome messages or out-of-hours messages)
  • Creation of product catalogs
A company profile can be created on WhatsApp Business (source: Google Play Store).

A product catalog can also be added to WhatsApp Business (source: Google Play Store).

With the help of labels, WhatsApp Business chats can be divided into categories and color-coded.

WhatsApp Business can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

In order to keep WhatsApp free of excessive advertising and spam, there are some restrictions that companies must observe when contacting users.

Marketing via WhatsApp Business

Companies are only allowed to send advertising messages, spam and marketing messages as so-called "Promotional Messages". These are customizable message templates that must be approved in advance by WhatsApp. Customers can, for example, receive product suggestions based on their last order. Cold call messages and certain words or phrases that make the message sound too promotional are not allowed. Important customer information such as order confirmations can, of course, be sent at any time.

Consent (Opt-in)

Messages can only be sent to users if they are a reply to a message from the user or if the person actively opts in to receive WhatsApp messages (e.g., by entering a phone number and checking a box or checkbox).

Service window for answers

If a user sends an inquiry to the company via WhatsApp, the answer must be provided within 24 hours ("customer care window"). This means that customer inquiries are answered promptly, which improves the user experience of WhatsApp users and prevents the company from contacting them (without opting in).

Within the service window, communication with Whatsapp Business works just like with the application for individuals. Messages can be sent with text, web links and emojis, and of course images, videos and attachments like PDF files can be shared in the chat.

Automation in the form of chatbots is allowed within the service window. However, the option to forward the user to a customer service representative must be available.

When the service window is closed, a special message template must be sent to ask the user to contact you.

Message templates

Message templates (called "template messages" by WhatsApp) can make customer communication very efficient for the business. WhatsApp Business customers can use pre-written messages to send order confirmations, payment requests and shipping information in seconds.

Technically, a message template is a text string that uses placeholders (for e.g. order numbers, dates and prices) to provide personalized information. In addition to the selection of frequently used templates provided by WhatsApp Business by default, custom message templates can also be created to cover all service situations for the individual use case. These must be approved before they can be used by WhatsApp. The approval process takes up to 24 hours. WhatsApp reviews message templates to prevent companies from sending unwanted content such as advertising messages to consumers.

Message templates make customer communication via WhatsApp Business highly efficient (Source: Google Play Store)

Setting up WhatsApp Business

Setting up a WhatsApp corporate account is possible with both mobile and landline numbers (Mateo has summarized more details on WhatsApp with a landline number in this article ) and works as follows:

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Business App on smartphone from App Store(Google Play Store / App Store) for free and install it on the device.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp business app and agree to terms of use

Step 3: Enter a mobile or landline number. In the first small field after the "+" you have to enter the country code ("49" for Germany), this replaces the first 0 of the phone number.

Step 4: Tap "Next", check the number and tap "OK".

The authentication code will be provided either by phone call or SMS to your phone number. The number provided when setting up the account will be the same number that customers can use to reach you afterwards.

5. WhatsApp will now send an SMS with authentication code to the specified number by default. If a landline number was entered, this will fail and the "Let me call" option must be selected

6. the 6-digit authentication code received either by SMS or by voice call to your phone number must be the one entered in the app.

7. if the code has been entered correctly, the company profile can then be set up, a company name added and the WhatsApp account used

By the way: Mateo has summarized how to set up WhatsApp Business with the desktop app or the browser application WhatsApp Web in this article .

Basic features of WhatsApp Business API

Um größeren Unternehmen eine sichere, skalierbare und DSGVO-konforme Lösung zu bieten, die auf ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist, hat Facebook im August 2018 die WhatsApp Business API eingeführt. Diese sogenannte Anwendungsprogrammierschnittstelle ist die zweite Möglichkeit, ein WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto zu erstellen und ermöglicht es Unternehmen, unbegrenzt WhatsApp-Nachrichten von ihren Kunden zu empfangen und zu beantworten.

Unlike the WhatsApp Business App, the API itself comes without a user interface. The API connects WhatsApp with a professional messaging tool, such as Mateo offers. Companies integrate the WhatsApp API endpoint into the software of an official WhatsApp Business Solution provider. Mateo offers enterprise customers with its own software a corresponding integration in a clear user interface.

Which functions can be used via WhatsApp with API depends on the respective provider and can therefore not be generalized. Which functions are available when using Mateo is therefore summarized in the following section.

Features and functions of Mateo's WhatsApp API solution

All the features of the standard WhatsApp business app

WhatsApp Business API with Mateo is much more comprehensive than the traditional WhatsApp Business app and therefore naturally includes all WhatsApp Business features. However, these standard features make up only a fraction of all the useful features of Mateo's messaging software.

Central user interface

In addition to WhatsApp Business API, Mateo bundles many other communication channels such as email, Instagram, SMS or Facebook Messenger in a central inbox. The intuitive and clear user interface offers various helpful tools for particularly efficient customer communication.

Custom Message Templates

Thanks to various message templates that can be created individually, the amount of paperwork is minimized and the efficiency of customer communication is increased. This means that personnel resources in the service area can be deployed elsewhere.


With Mateo's WhatsApp API solution, newsletters can be sent in a GDPR-compliant manner. Due to the first-class open rate of 98% for WhatsApp messages, marketing can thus be carried out significantly better than via email or other channels.

WhatsApp Marketing Newsletter for Business
With Mateo's WhatsApp marketing tool, companies can conduct WhatsApp newsletter marketing and communicate with customers in a DSGVO-compliant manner.


Mateo's messaging tool is compatible with all German and European legally binding data protection requirements. If necessary, the software will be revised accordingly if the law is amended. For absolutely secure customer communication, all WhatsApp messages are encrypted end-to-end. All info on the GDPR when using WhatsApp can be read in this article.

Scalability for all company sizes

The scalability of the messaging tool has been confirmed by the large number of companies already using Mateo with high satisfaction. Whether customers have just a few employees or many hundreds, the software works smoothly and, depending on the package, with an unlimited number of end devices and users. The fact that Mateo significantly reduces the workload in the customer service area opens up new growth opportunities for many companies.

Low cost provider for WhatsApp Business API

With an entry-level price of just 79 euros per month, Mateo is a cost-effective provider for WhatsApp Business API solutions on the German market. In combination with the integration of further communication channels and various helpful tools, Mateo offers good value for money. Mateo's personal customer support assists companies with every step of the integration, ensuring very low barriers to entry.

How much does WhatsApp Business API cost?

WhatsApp Business API offers significantly more features compared to WhatsApp Business and is therefore only available for a fee. The costs vary greatly between the official WhatsApp API providers. Therefore, it is worth comparing the costs.

Monthly fee

The monthly fee varies between the different WhatsApp API providers. Mateo is a cheap provider on the market and charges only 79 euros per month for the cheapest package, which offers many other features besides WhatsApp API.

The WhatsApp API setup

WhatsApp only allows very few large corporations direct access to its API. For most companies, the path to the WhatsApp Business API leads via so-called Business Solution Providers. These are official partners of WhatsApp owner Facebook that support companies in accessing the API. Accordingly, the setup of the API depends on the API provider.

Unlike most other providers, Mateo's professional messaging tool offers not only the integration of WhatsApp Business via the API, but also a clear user interface and the integration of many other communication channels such as email, Instagram, SMS and Facebook Messenger. Mateo offers a fully comprehensive service with professional account managers when setting up the software including WhatsApp Business API.

An inventory analysis identifies how the software can best be integrated. Then, if not already in place, Mateo applies for company phone numbers and sets up the system. Now all communication channels are united and usable in the user interface provided by Mateo. A dedicated contact person is always available to answer questions and provide additional tips for highly efficient customer communication. All details are discussed in a free consultation appointment.

WhatsApp Business oder WhatsApp API – Welche Art von WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto ist besser für die Kundenkommunikation geeignet?

Ob die normale WhatsApp Business App ausreicht oder WhatsApp Business über einen API Anbieter wie Mateo bezogen werden sollte, muss letztendlich jedes Unternehmen selbst entscheiden. Da die zur Verfügung stehenden Funktionen und die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen (DSGVO) bei dieser Entscheidung sicherlich am wichtigsten sind, hat Mateo die Unterschiede zwischen den beiden Varianten eines WhatsApp Unternehmenskontos in folgender Tabelle gegenübergestellt.

Overview WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API
In the tabular overview it becomes clear that with WhatsApp Business API many important functions are available that the regular WhatsApp Business app does not offer

Im Hinblick auf die Funktionen, die ein WhatsApp Unternehmenskonto bietet, lässt sich also zusammenfassend sagen, dass in der WhatsApp Business App zwar schon viele Funktionen zur Verfügung gestellt werden, diese Tools allerdings nur in Verbindung mit einer übersichtlichen Benutzeroberfläche, wie Mateo sie anbietet, ihr volles Potenzial entfalten und die Kundenkommunikation per WhatsApp hocheffizient werden lassen. Darüber hinaus ist die Software von Mateo bis hin zu großen Unternehmen mit mehreren hundert Mitarbeitern skalierbar, zu 100 Prozent mit der DSGVO vereinbar und vereint neben WhatsApp auch noch viele andere Kommunikationskanäle in einem zentralen Posteingang.

What are the costs of using WhatsApp API software?

Understanding the cost structure is crucial when using the WhatsApp Business API. On the one hand, there are monthly costs from your WhatsApp API provider for using the software and, on the other hand, message-dependent costs from Meta, which your API provider usually passes on to you directly. Meta distinguishes between conversations initiated by the user and those initiated by the company.

Free conversations: The first 1000 conversations per month initiated by the user are free of charge. This also includes the sending of message templates during the service window.

Costs from the 1001st conversation: After the free quota has been used up, the following costs are incurred in Germany (source: Meta Platforms):

  • Service: 6.79 cents per conversation started by the customer.
  • Administration: 7.07 cents for conversations with important company information.
  • Authentication: 6.36 cents for conversations with verification codes.
  • Marketing: 11.31 cents for advertising messages.

Additional information: The exact prices and the number of messages included may vary depending on the WhatsApp API provider. It is therefore important to check the specific costs with the chosen provider. Since API providers offer additional services such as user interfaces and optimizations, their prices may be higher than the fees set by Meta.

Reading tip: All information on the cost structure and fees of the WhatsApp Business API interface can be found in our article on"What will the WhatsApp Business API cost in 2023?"

Professionelles Unternehmenskonto mit der WhatsApp API Software von Mateo

Wir von Mateo sind Ihre Messaging-Experten, wenn es um eine effiziente und hochprofessionelle Kundenkommunikation und das passende Marketing geht. Hunderte Unternehmen nutzen die WhatsApp Unternehmenskonten von Mateo bereits und zeigen sich begeistert. Unsere Kunden wissen folgende Vorteile von Mateo besonders zu schätzen:

10 reasons for WhatsApp API software
From automatically sent customer information to WhatsApp marketing and a central user interface - Mateo's WhatsApp API software has a lot to offer.

  • Integrations: With Mateo you can integrate WhatsApp with over 6,000 software programs and send fully automated messages such as invitations, order confirmations, shipping information, invoices or reminders.
  • Newsletter Marketing: Versenden Sie DSGVO-konforme Newsletter über WhatsApp oder SMS und profitieren Sie von Öffnungsraten über 95 %.

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