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Over 30 industries already use Mateo

"Mateo allows us to innovate and differentiate ourselves from the competition!"
Thomas Hertlein
Managing Director Autohaus Hertlein
Marcel Hauptenbuchner
"With Mateo, we are able to reduce operational expenses and thus have freedom for further portfolio growth. At the same time, employees and tenants are more satisfied!"
Marcel Hauptenbuchner
Managing Director Hildebrandt & Hees
Florian Fischer
"With Mateo, we have a central platform for communication with our suppliers and customers. This saves us several hours of work per week."
Florian Fischer
Owner Concrete Coffee Roasters
"Through Mateo, we can access the requests cleanly to our service team, which makes it much easier to process."
Philipp Thiel
Managing Director at JB Spielwaren
"With Mateo we bundle all communication channels and make them accessible to different departments in our fashion house! This allows us to respond specifically to specialist inquiries."
Werner Heckmann
Managing Director Modehaus Schröder
Message Lady
Ming Logo
"Mateo makes it much easier for us to request online reviews from our customers, and we've been able to generate 20% more revenue in 3 months as a result!"
Owner & Managing Director Massage Salon Ming
"In today's world, customers want to communicate with companies through messenger channels. We can meet this customer need perfectly with the Mateo solution.
Heinrich Wild
Managing Director Heinrich Wild GmbH & Co. KG
Car in front of building
"Mateo helps us link the offline world with the online world. For example, our customers can scan QR codes of individual vehicles in the used car lot to get in touch with us."
Thomas Schmidt
IT Manager Volkswagen Center Rosenheim